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Solitaire Gold is an awesome and addictive game. Test your patience and math skills by playing this classic card game. Solitaire Gold features the beautiful graphics of the original game, but with a modern twist and new rules. This game is all about being smart, planning ahead, and looking at each individual card before you play it. You need to think strategically in order to become a better player. With 80 amazing levels, this is one of the best solitaire games available today. The graphics are very nice and they won’t hamper your concentration while you play the game. The music is also beautifully composed which makes it that much more enjoyable when you are playing the game. • Simple and intuitive touch control system – no buttons necessary! Just tap where you want to place a card, then tap another spot to discard that card or drag it to another spot if desired! • Beautiful graphics – perfect for both younger and older players! Trust us - anyone who has played our other games will be hooked on this one as well! • Challenging AI opponents – earn achievements against them too! Try beating them without using hints first – very difficult!! • Time-limited environment modes with beautiful themes – score new medals in every level! • 90 minutes of relaxing gameplay per day - perfect for adults who want something fun to entertain.

Solitaire is a traditional patience game where players must move cards from the stock onto tables until all of the cards have been placed on the table. The game is known by many different names and has many variations. It can be played alone or as part of a group, and can require one or several sets of cards. Solitaire games are typically quite short since most players do not like to play games that last for hours. However, playing more than one game at a time requires more concentration and will make you think harder about each card you place. This means that you need to plan your moves before starting each game, which helps to avoid making mistakes in the first place and keep your mind engaged in the longer games. If you love solitaire but hate all those different names then this article is for you! 

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