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The game where you have to use your brain to get the cards in order. You can play against the computer or a friend in a chat. It’s also nice because you can set up private games through Facebook or Google+. However, it’s probably the most difficult game you’ll play with your phone. How to Play The object of this game is to get all of the cards in sequence so that “Jack” shows up on top of all other cards. You cannot put all of the cards together until “Jack” has been revealed. To do this, predict which card will become “Jack” and place allegiance accordingly (for example, if there are only three cards left, put all of your loyalty cards on “Jack”). Once you know for sure that “Jack” will be revealed next, put your allegiance first onto that suit if there are only two cards left and one is a heart, put your loyalty card on ‘heart’). If you don't know for sure what card will become "Jack," just put your loyalty card wherever "Jack" appears. In other words, whether it's a face-down royal or an open royal face-up (not necessarily in order), as long as "jack" appears somewhere on the other side(s) of these cards, it doesn't matter what kind of card they are - just do whatever suits you best!

How many cards can you think of in the deck? How about in the room? The longer you think, the more likely it is that you’ll come up with the right answer. And for those who like to challenge their friends to brain games, this one's for you: How Many Cards Can You Think Of In A Room? For those who like a good brain challenge, here’s a no-nonsense version of a game everyone loves.

Are you the master of blackjack? If not, you must Practice your Black Jack Skills! The goal is to get as many points as you can during your turn. Each player tries to get as many points as possible by playing cards of the same value. It’s a game of concentration and strategy – just make sure you have a couple of ice-cold beverages.

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