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About Onet Mahjong

Onet Mahjong is a free online mahjong game. The mahjong tile with the highest value starts the game. Try to complete all of the different layouts by playing one of the many levels that are already included in this free mahjong app. Each level has its own rules and goals, some more challenging than others but all equally enjoyable. When you complete a level you will unlock new layouts, more difficult levels, and more achievements to show off to your friends. Play This one now for free! The goal of each form is to get as many points as possible from the pai gow settings. There are five paging spots on each form that can be used for points. You will choose which spot you want to use for points before taking your first turn on a layout. You must try to get as many points as possible on your first turn so choose wisely which spot you want to use for points in order to give yourself the best chance at getting a high score. 

This amazing game is a tile-matching puzzle video game that is based on the mahjong genre. The player takes control of a character who must match tiles in order to clear mahjong boards. This game makes you think and plan each move before making it. It’s not just about matching tiles; you have to consider what your opponents are doing as well. The puzzles get more challenging as you unlock new characters with unique abilities. There are three different modes that can be played locally or online against other players. You can also play through short tutorials if you want to learn how the game works beforehand. This mahjong game has many variants, so you can always find one that suits your skill level and personal taste. 

Onet Mahjong combines the fun of solitaire with the challenge of Mahjongg. Use your logic and planning to remove all the mahjongg tiles from the board. You have to clear all of them before time runs out or you will lose. The more mahjongg tiles you clear, the higher your score will be. The game is set in a gorgeous oriental setting with relaxing background music and sound effects that will take you away to another world for just a moment! You can play this game with family and friends as everyone has their own individual playing style, so no two games are ever alike. This free version only contains one game mode: Single Player. However, there are three more to unlock in different modes such as Original, Time Attack, and Marathon.

How to play

Using Mouse