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Tripeaks is a seasonal new game that comes out every Halloween. The object of the game is to find all your friends, and complete the spooky tri Peaks in order to win. This game will be released on October 31st and will be available for free until next year. How To Play: The objective of this game is to find all your friends, and complete the sp Proxy Peak in order to win. Use your quills, tricks, and traps to navigate through this spooky forest, collecting friends along the way. You mustn’t be caught by either a wolf or a bear! There are five playable characters in Tripeaks: Freddie Fox (Red), Nettie Nethersole (Green), Daphne Diggory (Black), Velma Diggle (Blue), and Scooby-Doo (Purple). There are also three other neutral characters who can help you complete all the peaks if you manage to find them: The Kite Flier, Ghost Hunter, and Witch Doctor. You can find them at different locations throughout the forest. You need two players to start playing Tripeaks and with more than two you can form teams so that each player takes one role from each character type instead. Playing as Scooby Doo allows you to pick clues from 2 clues instead of 3 like with everyone else; however, playing as any other character has no such benefits as that.

The Tripeaks girls are preparing for the spookiest time of the year. They have invited all their friends to spend the night at their mansion and have a few games before they go to bed. The girls will be playing several different games throughout the night, including Tryp Solitaire, Scary Scratch Cards, and even a few board games. Download this amazing new game today and see if you can help Tripeaks win Halloween this year! How to play: • Draw cards from the top of the deck until you get 3 in sequence. • Match pairs with the same image or type of card. • If you match more than one pair, discard some pairs and try again until you get 3 in sequence again. There are also special cards that can boost your score for a while or give everyone else penalty points for misclicking images or types of cards. You must be very careful when playing these as they can end your turn very quickly.

How to play

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